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The indoor monitor cannot start up or power off automatically.

Check whether it has power-failure, and power it on again.

The indoor monitor display screen is too dim.

Check whether the brightness and contrast settings of screen are correct.

No s ound d uring t he c ommunication.

Check whether the indoor monitor is set as mute mode, or the volume is set to the lowest.

The indoor monitor cannot monitor the outdoor panel.

Other user is using the system, so you can use it once he/she finished the operation.

Multimedia files cannot be played normally.

Check whether the system supports the file format. Please refer to multimedia setting for details.

No response when clicking indoor monitor display screen.

Press “Unlock” button for 5s, or slowly slide horizontally or vertically on the LCD to make touchscreen calibnation. It needs to be calibrated twice.

Touchscreen responses slowly or cannot make calibnation.

1.Take down any protective paster, since it may affect identificationand input for device;

2.Ensure the finger is dry and clean when clicking touchscreen;

3.Restart the device to clear any temporary software error.

The t emperature o f device is too high.

Long-term use leads to high emperature. It’s normal and will not affect the device’s use life and performance.

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