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Installation method:

1. According to the installation dimension of door station, dig a square groove at the appropriate position in the wall or door, and dig a hole (drainage hole) at the bottom;

2. Drill the threading holes at the bottom of the built-in box to facilitate drainage. Upward arrow is on the front of the built-in box. Embed the built-in box into the wall, then put the built-in box into the groove of the

wall, and tighten four screws from top to bottom of the built-in box, or fix the built-in box in the wall with concrete;

3. Assemble the door station into the built-in box, align the groove and the built-in box, tighten the screws, and finally inject the glass glue into the top, left and right sides of the door station(note: the glass glue cannot be injected into bottom part that is reserved for the drainage hole at the bottom of door station).


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